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How to save a backup of website using FrontPage?

Set the remote website properties With your site open in FrontPage, click on ‘Remote Web Site’ in the View Menu’,. At the top of the document window, click ‘Remote Web Site Properties’. On the ‘Remote Web Site’ tab, under ‘Remote Web Server Type’, click ‘File System’. In the ‘Remote Web Site’ location box, type the …

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How to edit an already published website with FrontPage ?

Once your FrontPage website is published online, you can edit it following these steps: Open FrontPage Explorer and choose ‘File’ > ‘Open FrontPage Web’. You can now choose to open a previously created website on your computer or your website on our server. Highlight the website you want to edit or type in the web …

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How to publish with FrontPage?

To publish the site that you have created with FrontPage, follow the steps listed below: In FrontPage, open the Web you want to publish. On the File menu, click Publish Web. In the Publish Web dialog box, type the path of the destination web server. For example, Click Options to expand the list of options. …

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What details do I need to connect with FrontPage?

To establish a connection, you will have to enter the following details: Website address: your domain or subdomain address, e.g. Username: this is your main FTP account username (the same as your hosting account username) Password: the password for the FTP user that you have used above.