Category: Password Protection

I want to create multiple usernames/passwords for a certain directory, how do I do this?

There is a tool that allows you to set password protection for a specific folder. Just go to the Advanced > Admin tools > Password Protection section of the Web Hosting Control Panel. Here enter the username and the corresponding login password.  Click on the “New Password Protected Area”. Then, select your domain from “Hostname” …

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How do the Password Protected Areas work?

When a visitor tries to open a protected folder or a file located inside a protected folder, a dialogue window will pop up and request a username and password for authentication. Once a folder has been password protected, you can edit its password anytime or remove the protection.

How to enable protection for a folder?

To protect a folder with a password, click on the “New Password Protected Area” button and select a hostname from the drop-down menu. If you want to protect the entire domain, leave the path as it is. In case that you want to protect an internal folder, use the browse button and select the desired …

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