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My newly setup Joomla site shows error 500 (Internal Server Error)

A fresh Joomla install includes a file called .htaccess, which is located in the main folder of your Joomla installation. This file contains certain configuration settings, which may get in conflict with the current web server configuration. The result would be an Internal Server Error 500 displayed whenever you try to view your website. You …

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How to open a script’s path in the File Manager?

To open a script’s path in the File Manager, simply click on its corresponding “File Manager” link in the “File Manager” column.

How to uninstall/remove a script?

To uninstall an application, simply click on the Delete icon right next to the script you wish to remove.

How to view the installation details for my script?

To view certain installation details, click on the script’s corresponding icon in the “Admin” column in the table below. In the “Installed PHP Script” popup window you can check the script’s name and version, also you can see the date and time of the installation and the database used by the script. From Using the …

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How to install software?

To install a new software for your website,click on the “Install New PHP Script” button, then select the application which you want to install from the “Installing” dropdown list. Also you can start a script installation by browsing down the available applications and choose one from the various sections available. When you choose a software, …

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