Category: PHP Configuration

How to activate ionCube PHP Loader / Zend optimizer for my account?

You might need to activate the ionCube PHP Loader / Zend Optimizer for your scripts to work properly. Please note that this can be done via the php.ini file for your account. You can easily manage the php.ini file from the PHP Configuration menu in the hosting Control Panel (Advanced > PHP Configuration). There are …

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I get “Internal Server Error 500” on my website, how do I fix this? :: Domains And Subdomains

A “500 Internal Server Error” message usually indicates a problem on the server-side. It could be a script that malfunctioned or improper settings in your .htaccess file, but it always indicates that your browser was able to reach the server but the server was unable to serve the requested page. Here are several possible reasons …

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How to use different PHP versions for your websites?

In case that some of your applications require PHP 4 and others need PHP 5, here is an easy solution for you: Let’s say that your account is set to use PHP 4 and one of your sites runs only on PHP 5. To set the PHP 5 environment for a specific domain, go to …

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How the edit your account’s php.ini settings?

There are two different ways to edit the php.ini for your account.   By default, the editing options are set in Basic mode where you can easily switch on and off all important PHP settings. To save your changes you need to use the “Save Changes” button. If an error occurs, you can always restore …

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How to change the PHP version settings for my account?

To change the PHP version for your account you must know which version you need to use and click on its corresponding radio button in the “Choose a PHP Version” form.