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What is the difference between Traffic Stats and Bandwidth Stats?

There are two sections in your Web Hosting Control Panel, which are connected with the bandwidth and traffic quotas used by your account. These sections are the Traffic Stats and the Bandwidth Stats sections, which can be accessed from the Web Tools menu. What do they represent, and what are they used for? The Traffic …

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Traffic stats – what is the meaning of hits, visitors etc.?

The traffic stats are an important part of the website management routine. We use Webalizer as a traffic generating interface. Basically, there are several specifically used terms. Below you can find their meanings: Hits represent the total number of requests made to a website during a given time period (month, day, hour etc..). Files represent …

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How to open the Traffic Statistics for a specific host?

To open a the Traffic statistics for a domain or subdomain, please click on it’s corresponding icon in the “Detailed” column.