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In order to open a new trouble ticket to our support / sales department or to see your existing tickets, please click on the “Help” button which is located in the top-right corner of your hosting account Control Panel.    

My site has been hacked, what are the possible causes and solutions?

How was your website hacked? Here are several possible scenarios: If you have your FTP details stored locally on your computer, someone may have stolen them using various Tojan Horses, Spyware, etc. Several times in the past attackers used stolen FTP credentials to successfully pull off large scale attacks. A solution in this case would …

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How do I setup custom error pages for my website?

Whenever an error occurs on the server, it displays an error page to the visitor with information and tips about the possible cause for the error. These error pages do not match your website’s layout and are sometimes too general. You may want to set up your custom error pages, which should be displayed to …

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How to move your site from one hosting to another?

What you need to do to move your site successfully from one hosting account to another Moving a site from one account to another is a difficult, time-consuming task and there are many problems and issues that could occur. Besides the downtime caused by the move itself, there may be an additional downtime that could …

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Basic Hepsia control panel paths

This is a list of the basic actions taken in the web hosting control panel: Host a domain / Manage domain path / Create Subdomain Go to: My Domains -> Domain Manager -> Hosted Domains Register / Transfer / Manage Registered Domains / Change Whois / Change Name Servers / Lock-Unlock domain / Request EPP …

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