Category: Dedicated IPs

How do I delete a dedicated IP address?

In order to remove an independent IP address from your account, simply click on its corresponding icon in the “Delete” column. Do not forget to check if a host is currently using that IP address.

How do I assign a dedicated IP address to a specific host?

Navigate to the “Hosted Domains” section of the control panel.Here you can assign a dedicated IP address to your domain by clicking on its corresponding “Edit” icon in the “Actions” column. In the “Edit Host” pop-up window select the IP which you want to assign from the “IP Address” drop down list. Press the “Edit …

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How do I obtain an independent (authenticated) IP address?

Expand and check the account usage table on the left if your account type allows you to request a new IP address. If you do not have an available IP address, please order an extra IP address from the “Add or Upgrade service(s)” section of the Control Panel. Afterwards, click on the “Request a Dedicated …

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Why do I need a dedicated IP address?

By default your domain and subdomain names correspond to the shared IP address of the web server. A dedicated IP address is quite useful, especially if you would like to enable SSL for a specific hostname.