What is the difference between Traffic Stats and Bandwidth Stats?

There are two sections in your Web Hosting Control Panel, which are connected with the bandwidth and traffic quotas used by your account. These sections are the Traffic Stats and the Bandwidth Stats sections, which can be accessed from the Web Tools menu. What do they represent, and what are they used for?

The Traffic Stats section shows detailed statistics for all the processes, scripts and downloads, being executed in your sites. It is also one of the main tools, which will help you determine the CPU load generated by each site, and eventually – reduce it, should it be above the limit allocated to your account. There are three very important parameters, which should be regularly checked in this section:

The first is the number of hits to your site(s) – a very popular site generates a large number of hits and if they are made during short periods of time, this greately increases the CPU usage for your account.

The second parameter is how much data (measured in KB) has been downloaded from the site – if, for instance, you have a download section with big files and they are downloaded regularly, please consider lowering the amount of files or their size. This will not only increase the performance of your site, but will also help you reduce the CPU usage of your account.

And finally the third parameter – a table which will show you which are the most visited parts of your website. If, for instance, you have a video store, the first places in that chart will be your site’s main page and the video files themselves.

In addition to monitoring the resources used by your websites, the Traffic Stats provide important marketing statistics – you can view the number of visitors per day or per hour, the nationality of your visitors and much more.

The Bandwidth Stats section deals with the amount of traffic used by your websites in terms of size. This has to do with the amount of monthly traffic allowed for your hosting plan and has nothing to do with marketing, so the Bandwidth Stats provide statistics that could be used for administration purposes only and have no value as far as marketing is concerned.

Should you exceed the monthly traffic limit for your account, you can check the Bandwidth Stats section to find out which of your websites have been generating the most traffic and act accordingly. There are several views in the Bandwidth Stats section that you can choose from:

  • The Detailed view gives you detailed information in Bytes, Megabytes and Gigabytes for each month of the current year. It also shows you the Growth in the traffic usage, compared to the previous month, and the Share (of the total traffic) for the current month, as compared to the others.
  • The Today view shows you the traffic of your domains/subdomains for the current day.
  • The This Month view shows you the traffic of your domains/subdomains for the current month.
  • The Total view shows you the total traffic of your domains/subdomains since they have been added.