Changing the account owner details

You are able to change the details for the owner of your hosting account easily and thus keep them updated at any time, or transfer the ownership over to another person. In order to change these details, you need to go to My Account > Update Contact Info > Change Contact Details. There you will see all the information that is currently provided for your account. You can change any field that you wish and save the changes by clicking on the Change button.

Note that when you change the email address for your account, a verification email will be sent to you with a link in it. You need to click on that link to verify your new email. This verification is necessary to make sure that you can receive emails from us normally, so that you can get all important notifications related to your account.

The person whose details are listed in the Control Panel is considered owner of the account. Thus, if you change these details with those of another person’s, the latter will become the official owner of the hosting account. This way you can transfer the ownership of your account over to someone else if you need to.

It is highly recommended to keep your details up to date, so that we can contact you, if necessary, to prevent any potential problems with your hosting services.