How to setup an email account on mail client?

For more detailed information on how to setup an email account on different mail clients, please refer to the FAQ section in the control panel.

To establish connection between your mail client and the server, you will need the following information:

E-mail account:
POP3 (incoming mail server): , port 110
IMAP (incoming mail server): , port 143
SMTP (outgoing mail server): , port 25 or port 2525
Have in mind that our outgoing mail server requires authentication so you will have to enable the option, which is different depending on the mail program you are using.
Here is how to enable the authentication for the common used mail clients:
Outlook: check the box “My server requires authentication”
Eudora: check the box “Authentication allowed”
Mozilla: enable the option “Use name and password”
Mail for Mac OS X: check the box “Use authentication when sending mail”, set authentication to “MD5 Challenge-Response”
Email username: the email address, e.g.
Password: the mailbox password you have configured.