How to renew ID Protection service for a single or multiple domains?

In order to renew the ID protection service for a domain or group of domains, please follow the steps:

  1. In the “Domain” column, from the list of “Protected” domains mark the checkboxes of the domains which ID Protect service needs to be renewed.
  2. In the “Manage ID Protect” popup window you need to choose a payment method. When ready press the “Renew ID Protection” button
  3. Ones the payment is completed the domain’s WHOIS Data shield will be renewed.

Note:If you want to renew the Whois protection service only for a single domain name you can also click on its corresponding “Manage ID Protect” icon ()

How long does it take for the domain name to be fully operational?

Our Sales department may contact the credit card holder in order to approve the purchase. This is a standard procedure just to avoid any fraud payments. Therefore, the domain name will be registered or transferred after the order has been confirmed. Then your domain will be fully operational within 24 hours and you can begin building your website.