How to register single or multiple domains from your account?

To register a new domain name, click the „Register Domain” button and follow the steps:

    1. Type the desired name in the domain search box and click on the “Check” button
    2. After you submit your query, the system will return the results and show all the domain names that are available for registration or transfer. From the list of the available domain names select the ones you want to register and press the “Edit Whois Details” button to proceed

Note:To register multiple domain names at a time, simply mark the checkboxes of all domains that you want to register.

“Host in the Control Panel” option is selected by default and it will automatically host your new domain(s) in the account with the server’s default NS settings.

For some TLD there is also a “Whois Protect” option which will allow you to purchase an ID protection service for your domain’s WHOIS data.

  1. Edit your domain’s Whois data if needed (by default the form is filled with your account details). Click on the “Payment” button to proceed to the next step.
  2. To complete the registration process you need to agree with our “Terms of Service” and to select a payment method. When ready press the “Register/Transfer” button
  3. Ones the payment is completed the domain will be registered and listed in your account