How to redirect wrong URLs to another web server with .htaccess?

At times, visitors might go to a non-existing page on your website. In this case, they will be presented with an error message, in most cases the 404 error message, indicating that the requested page is no longer there. If this happens, you can redirect the visitor to another web address using the .htaccess file.

First, set the folder in which the .htaccess file will be created, using the .htaccess location form at the top of the page. A click in the form field will open a pop-up window, from where you can browse to the desired website folder.

Then, go to the mod_rewrite menu. In there, mark the Redirect wrong URLs to other web server checkbox. In the form field, enter the URL where you wish to direct visitors.

Once you are done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Generate” button. The newly created .htaccess file will take effect in up to 15 minutes.