How to enable IP-based website authentication with .htaccess?

If you want to make a part of your website visible just to certain visitors, you can enable website authentication. This way, only visitors with the right IP address can see your website. You can do that using the .htaccess file.

First, set the folder in which the .htaccess file will be created, using the .htaccess location form at the top of the page. A click in the form field will open a pop-up window, from where you can browse to the desired website folder.

Then, go to the authentication menu. In there, mark the Enable IP authentication checkbox. Then, in the Allow IP address(es): form, add the IP address to which you wish to grant access. You can add multiple IP addresses, separating them with commas (, Via the Block IP address(es): field you can stop visitors whose IPs you specify here from visiting your website.

Once you are done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Generate” button. The newly created .htaccess file will take effect in up to 15 minutes.