How to install software?

To install a new software for your website,click on the “Install New PHP Script” button, then select the application which you want to install from the “Installing” dropdown list. Also you can start a script installation by browsing down the available applications and choose one from the various sections available. When you choose a software, click on “Install” link in “Actions” column and a new window will appear.
Depending on the script and its requirements, you may be asked to enter different details, but basically you will have to choose a domain from your hosted domains list and then choose the path where the script will be installed.
Important: To install a script to the root of your domain, leave only “/” in the Path field.
Configure the login details for the script admin panel, entering admin user, password and email. The script requires a database where the data will be installed, so choose one from the list of your databases on the right. If you wish to install the software in a new database, create it from the “Create Database” link.
The “Database prefix” option is simply used to organize data in a database and prevent one type of data from interfering with another.