How to install a website?

To install a new website, you will have to follow a few steps inside our Website Installer tool.

The first step is to choose for which domain name you will install the new website – you can choose any of the domains and subdomains you have hosted in your account. The advanced users can also set a custom path for the website.

The second step deals with website design – you can select if you want to create a business or a personal website, and if you want it to be a blog, an image gallery, a forum, an online store, etc. Depending on your choices, we will widen or shorten the number of the available templates – we offer more than 250 website templates.

The final step is to install your website. You will have to fill in the admin username, password and email, which you will later use to access the admin panel. We support automatic database creation, but you can also manually create a new database, or choose an existing one.

Once you are done, click the Install Website button to install your new website.