How to add an AAAA record for a domain or subdomain?

To add an AAAA record, click on the ‘Add New Record’ button, then select the desired domain from the ‘Hostname’ drop-down menu. If the record is for a domain, leave the field before the drop-down empty. If it is for a subdomain, type in the subdomain name.

Example: to add an AAAA record for – just select the domain from the ‘Hostnames’ menu. To add a record for – type “webmail” and select “” from the menu. Select “AAAA” type of record from the Type menu, then type down its value in the ‘Value’ field below. Example: for AAAA the value should look like: 3fde:1940:4525:2:02e0:09ff:fef7:6d2cOptionally, you can adjust the TTL settings. Click on the “Add” button to add your new AAAA record.