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What is the CSR record for?

The CSR record is one of the special records needed for activating a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection for your website. The CSR record is an unsigned certificate for submission to a Certification Authority, which signs it with the Private Key of their CA Certificate. Once the CSR is signed, it becomes a real certificate.

How to renew an SSL certificate?

If you have received an e-mail like the below quote this means that your SSL certificate will expire soon. ” Hello, Dear Customer, Your RapidSSL certificate will expire in 59 Days!  It is critical that you renew your certificate as soon as possible in order to ensure that your website’s sensitive information remains secure. Depending …

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How to order an SSL certificate?

To order an SSL certificate, click the “Order SSL Certificate” button and follow the steps: Fill the CSR details with the following information: Organization Name: Type in the exact legal name of your organization. Do not abbreviate the name of your organization. Organization Unit: Specify the exact department of your organization (optional). Country: Select your …

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How do I delete a dedicated IP address?

In order to remove an independent IP address from your account, simply click on its corresponding icon in the “Delete” column. Do not forget to check if a host is currently using that IP address.

How do I assign a dedicated IP address to a specific host?

Navigate to the “Hosted Domains” section of the control panel.Here you can assign a dedicated IP address to your domain by clicking on its corresponding “Edit” icon in the “Actions” column. In the “Edit Host” pop-up window select the IP which you want to assign from the “IP Address” drop down list. Press the “Edit …

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