How to enable protection for a folder?

To protect a folder with a password, click on the “New Password Protected Area” button and select a hostname from the drop-down menu. If you want to protect the entire domain, leave the path as it is. In case that you want to protect an internal folder, use the browse button and select the desired folder.

Choose a username and a password, then click ‘Add’ and the new Password Protected Area will be instantly created. You can have as many usernames as you need for a password protected area.

Please note that this tool works for protecting an entire folder only i.e. you cannot use it to protect a specific file/page on your website.

Important: If you have previously set a password protection in a .htaccess file within a folder, you have to disable this protection first in order to use the Password Protected Areas option for that folder. Both types of protections are incompatible.