Why do I need these statistics?

You should be aware of the amount of server resources that your website(s) uses in order to abide by our Terms of Service. There you may find more information about the allowed CPU usage. We recommend that you often check what is the current CPU load of your website(s) so you can prevent any possible interruption in the service.

You can preview the detailed statistics for each day, month or for an entire calendar year.

  • CPU Time: It stands for the length of time during which the server’s CPU processes your scripts.
  • Execution Time: It represents the entire duration of your scripts’ execution, including all other neighbor operations related to the processes.
  • CPU Usage: It stands for the average server load generated by your scripts during a specific time period – an hour, an entire day or a whole month, and is estimated by comparing your CPU time to the total CPU time (100%), which is assumed to be 34560 seconds. You should often check this value in order to comply with the maximum allowed CPU usage for your particular account type.
  • Average Memory: It represents the amount of RAM that was used for the execution of your scripts.
  • Processes: The shown value stands for the number of processes, which have been run during the specified time period. There is no limit for the running processes themselves.

Tip: When you choose to review the daily statistics, simply move your mouse over a time period to check the exact names of all completed processes, their CPU timings and memory usage.