What is .htaccess?

The .htaccess file is a simple text file, which allows the user to control the behavior of the Apache web server with regard to his website. This file can be created manually in each folder, but we offer a much simpler and easier to use tool, which you can use to generate an .htaccess file. Here is a simple overview of what you can do:

    • Authorization, authentication – protect your website content with password protected folders and IP-based authentication.

    • Rewriting URLs – redirect your website to another site, or point long URLs to shorter ones.
    • Blocking – block different IP addresses or whole websites from accessing your website.
    • SSI – enable Server Side Includes for your website.
    • Customized error responses – set your own customized error pages.
    • MIME types – tell the server how to treat different file types.

and much more.