What is a HTTP status code?

When a request for a page on your site is sent to the server, the server will return an HTTP status code in response. This status code gives information about your site and the requested page.

  • Code 301 (Permanent redirection) – The requested page has been permanently moved to a new location. The requested URL has been assigned a new permanent URL (set in the Redirect URL field).
  • Code 302 (Temporary redirection) – The server is currently responding to the request with a page from a different location, but the requestor should continue to use the original location for future requests.
  • Code 303 (See other location) – The server returns this code when the requestor should make a separate GET request to a different location to retrieve the response. For all requests other than a HEAD request, the server automatically forwards to the other location.
  • Code 410 (status Gone) – The server returns this response when the requested resource has been permanently removed. When a URL returns a 410 redirect, it means that the requested page does not exist anymore.