What are the recurring contracts and can I cancel or modify the terms?

If you use Paypal or American Express as a payment method, you have the option to setup a recurring payment. We will automatically charge you for the renewal of your hosting plan or domain name, so that you would not worry that you may miss the expiration date and your websites will go offline.

Here is how it works: When you order or renew a hosting plan or a domain name, a recurring payment will be setup, so we will charge you automatically when the time to renew those services comes.
If you order an upgrade, for example a database space upgrade, a recurring payment will not be created. However, if you renew your hosting plan and the upgrade together, two recurring payments will be created – one for each service, and you will be charged automatically for both of them next year.

The recurring payment for any service different from the hosting plan and a domain name is setup only if you order that service together either with the plan or the domain name. For example, if you order ID protection (WHOIS privacy protection) for your domain, no recurring payment will be created, while if you order a domain name registration and ID protection with it, a recurring payment for both will be created.

You can see all recurring payments for your account in the Recurring Manager section of the hosting control panel (My Account > Recurring Manager). If you go to that section, you will see the service for which the recurring payment has been setup, how many times you have been charged so far, the amount and the next charge date. If you would like to stop the recurring payments, click on the Cancel button right under that date. That way, you can pay manually when you want to renew your plan, we will not charge you automatically.

We also offer the option to switch the payment method from AMEX to Paypal or to change the Paypal account used for the automatic payments. To do that, click on the Change link that you can see in the third column of the Recurring Manager table. You will be redirected to http://www.paypal.com where you can login with the Paypal account that you would like to use, and then setup the recurring payments.