MySQL Stats – what is the meaning of MySQL queries and what is the importance of the MySQL stats?

The MySQL statistics represent the database load that your website(s) has generated for a specific time period. They show you how many SQL queries have been made to each one of your databases and if the number is beyond the limit (referring to the hourly limit which is 45 000, according to the Terms Of Service agreement), please consider revising your scripts in order to optimize the database usage and the queries sent to and from the database itself. We recommend that you often check what the current amount is, so that you can prevent any possible interruption in the service.

To view the stats, go to the Databases > MySQL Databases > Stats section. Under each database name you will find the total number of queries that your website(s) has made to it for the specified time period – an entire day or month.

  • Total: It stands for the total amount of database queries made to all of your databases for the specified time period.
  • Hourly Average: It represents the average number of database queries per a single hour.

The hourly limit of 45 000 queries is not the only thing to consider. MySQL queries influence the CPU usage of your account (read: What is meant under CPU usage and how do I monitor it?). More queries basically means a higher CPU usage. Although the MySQL queries are not the only factor that could influence the CPU usage, it would make sense to monitor them and look for any dependencies between the increased CPU usage and the increased number of queries when you are trying to resolve a high CPU usage problem.