How to park a single or multiple domains?

In order to park a domain or group of domains, please follow the steps:

  1. In the “Domain” column, from the domains with “Floating” () or “Hosted” () status, select the ones which you need to park and press the “Park Domains” button.
  2. In the “Domain Parking & Redirection” popup window you need select between three parking templates categories. Each category offers two template types. Check the previews and then type a desired text to be displayed in the “Custom Display Text” field.
  3. Press the “Park” button to park your domain

If you want to park a only single domain name, alternatively you can click on the domains corresponding icon in the “Type” column( depending on current domain status it should be or . In the “Domain Parking & Redirection” popup choose “Choose a Parking Template” to proceed.