How to install a website theme?

The free themes we offer, allow you to customize the look of your future website. Please note that installing a theme from here will actually install the whole php application along with the chosen template.
This is an advanced version of our free scripts installer that give you the option to choose a theme along with the script you will be installing.
To install a script with a selected theme , please press the “Install” button corresponding to your selected website design.
Depending on the script and its requirements, you may be asked to enter different details, but basically you will have to choose a domain from your hosted domains list and then choose the path where the script will be installed.
Important: To install a script to the root of your domain, leave only “/” in the Path field.
Configure the login details for the script admin panel, entering admin user, password and email. The script requires a database where the data will be installed, so choose one from the list of your databases on the right. If you wish to install the software in a new database, create it from the “Create Database” link.
The “Database prefix” option is simply used to organize data in a database and prevent one type of data from interfering with another.