How to host a domain?

To host a domain in this hosting account, click the “Host Domain” button and follow the steps:

    1. Make sure the option “Host Domain” is selected.
    2. Type in your domain name, e.g.

Note: the “Don’t manage DNS” option has to be selected ONLY if you wish to use third party name servers for your domain name and just point it to this account using A record redirection.

Otherwise leave that box unchecked and have your domain name servers set to: / IP: / IP:

Each domain name servers are managed from its Registrar – the company, where you have bought the domain from. If your domain name has been registered from this hosting account, its name servers could be managed from My Domains → DNS Records.

  1. Advanced Settings – this section is optional. Please leave the default settings if you are not sure what to do.
  2. Click „Add a Host“ to host your domain in your hosting account.