How to enable the SPF for your domain?

The SPF Protection will give you a way to control which mail servers can send email for your domain name, thus protecting yourself from forged emails being sent from your name.

To enable the SPF protection for a specific domain name, click on the “Add SPF Protection” button, A new pop-up window will open, from where you have to choose the exact domain name you wish to protect and switch the Status to ON from the drop-down menu next to your domain name.

Then fill in the required settings for each field as follows:

  1. Hosts: Fill in a list of all the hosts (mail server names), which are authorized to send mail for the chosen domain name , e.g. . Separate hosts with space or comma.
  2. IPv4: Type in the IP address of your SMTP mail server ( Please have in mind that most of the mail servers have more than one IP address. Separate the IP addresses with space or comma.
  3. IPv6: Leave this field blank as no IPv6 are being used for now.
  4. There are 3 options coming next, but we recommend to use the “Allow my domain name’s MX records” one. This means that only the MX records stored for your domain name in the DNS zone will be able to send mail on behalf of your domain name, which is the safest and most secure option.

Once you are ready, click Apply and allow up to 24 hours for the global records propagation, so that other mailing server can be aware of the changes you have made.