How to enable the email AntiSpam protection?

The AntiSpam service is a way to keep unwanted messages reaching your mailbox. When active, a server software will filter emails based on the chosen protection level and stop those, who have a high spam ranking.

To enable the AntiSpam for a specific mailbox, you can :

Right-click on the desired mailbox and choose the “Anti-Spam” option from the context menu;
Mark the checkbox next to the mailbox and use the “Anti-Spam” button, located above the able with the email accounts;
Press the icon in the Anti-Spam column, next to the desired mailbox;

All actions will lead to a new popup opening, from where you can enable the AntiSpam protection for the selected mailbox, choosing the spam protection level (from Very Low to Very High) and choosing what will later happen with emails, flagged as spam – if they should be redirected to a specific mailbox or simply deleted.

Once you are done, click on the “Apply” button to set the Anti-Spam protection.

NOTE: if you choose a very high level of anti-spam protection, legitimate emails, sent from domains with higher spam score may be stopped.