How to create a new email filter?

An email filter is a way to control incoming messages, using certain pre-set conditions. This way, you can make a redirect or even delete an incoming message, if it matches chosen conditions.

To add a new filter, you have to select the mailbox or mailboxes, for which you wish the filter the be created for, and click the “Filter” button, located above the table with created email accounts. A new Set New Filter pop-up window will appear, from where you can configure the new filter. Here are the filter settings, which you can set:

Where – here you choose where in the email headers, your condition should be met. In case you are filtering spam messages, the frequently used condition locations are header_subject and message_body.
Condition – choose the desired condition from the drop-down menu.
Text to match – type in the text that you wish to be the filter applied for.
Action – this option allows you to choose whether the catched by the filter message will be deleted or redirected to another mailbox, for example your spambox.
E-mail – this field is used in case you decide to redirect the filtered messages to another email address.

If you wish to delete a spam message with a Subject: Discounted Viagra, here is how the filter should look like:
Where: header_subject
Condition: contains
Text to match: Viagra
Action: Delete

Click on the “Add a filter” button when you are ready, to add the newly created email filter.