How to add an email filter?

An email filter is a way to control incoming messages, using certain pre-set conditions. This way, you can make a redirect or even delete an incoming message, if it matches chosen conditions.

To add an new filter, click on the “Create New eMail Filter” button. A new Set New Filter window will appear. First you will have to choose the mailbox you will setup the filter for – you can directly type or paste the name or choose it from the list, which appears, once you click the arrow.

When you are ready, follow the steps:

Where – here you choose where in the email headers, your condition should be met. In case you are filtering spam messages, the frequently used condition locations are header_subject and message_body.
Condition – choose the desired condition from the drop-down menu.
Text to match – type in the text that you wish to be the filter applied for.
Action – this option allows you to choose whether the catched by the filter message will be deleted or redirected to another mailbox, for example your spambox.
E-mail – this field is used in case you decide to redirect the filtered messages to another email address.

If you wish to delete a spam message with a Subject: Discounted Viagra, here is how the filter should look like:
Where: header_subject
Condition: contains
Text to match: Viagra
Action: Delete

Click on the “Add a filter” button when you are ready, to add the newly created email filter.