Domain transfer procedure explained

Before ordering a transfer for your domain name there are a few things which should be taken into consideration:
1. The domain names must be 60 days old at least for a transfer to be possible.
2. You will need to unlock the domain names with your current registration provider (the company that you currently have the domain name registered with).
3. You will need to obtain the EPP (authorization) key from your current registration provider for the domain name since upon request for a transfer at our side you will be asked for that key in order to proceed with the transfer request.
4. Once the transfer has been initiated you will receive a autorization e-mail for the transfer sent to you at the administrative contact e-mail for the domain name (the one appearing on the Whois of the domain). Once that is done we will do the rest for the transfer procedure.  Thus if you have a whois protection or id protection service active for the domain name itself you will most probably need to remove that as well otherwise there is a very good chance you will not receive that verification e-mail and the transfer will eventually fail.

The whole transfer procedure takes between 3 to 5 business days.