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Changing the control panel (CP) password

The login password for your Control Panel, unlike the username (login name), could be changed at any time. To change the password, navigate to My Account -> Update Contact Info -> Change Password – this is where you can set a new password. To change the password, you must know the current one. If you …

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Traffic stats – what is the meaning of hits, visitors etc.?

The traffic stats are an important part of the website management routine. We use Webalizer as a traffic generating interface. Basically, there are several specifically used terms. Below you can find their meanings: Hits represent the total number of requests made to a website during a given time period (month, day, hour etc..). Files represent …

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MySQL Stats – what is the meaning of MySQL queries and what is the importance of the MySQL stats?

The MySQL statistics represent the database load that your website(s) has generated for a specific time period. They show you how many SQL queries have been made to each one of your databases and if the number is beyond the limit (referring to the hourly limit which is 45 000, according to the Terms Of …

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How does the CPU usage affect the functionality of my account and what happens if I reach the limit?

Each hosting account has specific limitations, which, if exceeded, may cause general problems for the server and the eventual suspension of the hosting account. One such very important limitation is the CPU usage allowed for a given account. High CPU load can be caused by many factors in your account – a mis-configured add-on or …

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Access and Error Logs – what they are, how do I activate them and how are they useful to me?

The access and error logs are the raw web server statistics, which have been generated with every visit to your website. They are quite useful when you would like to check who has visited your website, what response code from the server they have received, and whether there were any error messages. You can activate …

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