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My site has been hacked, what are the possible causes and solutions?

How was your website hacked? Here are several possible scenarios: If you have your FTP details stored locally on your computer, someone may have stolen them using various Tojan Horses, Spyware, etc. Several times in the past attackers used stolen FTP credentials to successfully pull off large scale attacks. A solution in this case would …

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File quota – why is there a limit for the files that I host and what happens if I exceed it?

Each hosting account on our shared hosting and semi-dedicated servers has been assigned a certain amount of files, which it is allowed to use. Every file you upload and every message you send/receive counts as a separate file, since a copy of it is being saved in your account (and therefore – on the sevrer). …

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Changing the account owner details

You are able to change the details for the owner of your hosting account easily and thus keep them updated at any time, or transfer the ownership over to another person. In order to change these details, you need to go to My Account > Update Contact Info > Change Contact Details. There you will …

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What is the difference between Traffic Stats and Bandwidth Stats?

There are two sections in your Web Hosting Control Panel, which are connected with the bandwidth and traffic quotas used by your account. These sections are the Traffic Stats and the Bandwidth Stats sections, which can be accessed from the Web Tools menu. What do they represent, and what are they used for? The Traffic …

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Can I change my login name (username) for the control panel?

When you sign up for your hosting account you are asked to choose a username. Once you complete the order process, the username is saved in our system and it could not be changed later. The main reason for this is that the username is used as the main ID value in our system. A …

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