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Reducing CPU usage caused by WordPress

Often, if your account has more than one WordPress blog installed, the database server gets a lot of requests, which increases the CPU usage of your account and may get it suspended. Here is how you can reduce the CPU usage generated by your WordPress website: Always upgrade your WordPress to the latest version released. …

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Why am I seeing only php in my Load Stats?

As we run PHP in CGI mode, most of your applications will be executed through this module. Therefore, if you have a lot of PHP based applications on your website, it is normal to see the php as a main CPU consumer. How do I reduce the amount of resources being used by my website(s)? …

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Why do I need these statistics?

You should be aware of the amount of server resources that your website(s) uses in order to abide by our Terms of Service. There you may find more information about the allowed CPU usage. We recommend that you often check what is the current CPU load of your website(s) so you can prevent any possible …

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How do I reduce the amount of resources being used by my website(s)?

The best work-around for this is to examine your entire daily stats and look for the PHP scripts with the most requests. You can try the following: Figure out what PHP script is causing the maximum CPU/memory load. You may use the WebAlyzer statistics (Traffic Stats section of the Control Panel) and check which particular …

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What is Load Stats?

The load statistics represent the server load per a specific time period. These stats are quite useful when you check what is the average load that your website(s) generates. For instance, if you have trouble accessing your website, you can refer to these statistics to see if this is a server related issue or a …

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